Using A French Clip Landing Net

Using a Landing Net with a French Clip

I cast RIGHT handed.

The net (when I choose to carry one) is French clipped to my “D”ring. By the way, I strongly prefer French clips as to any other means of attaching a net.

Hook fish.

Play fish.

When ready to net, transfer rod to LEFT hand.

Take RIGHT hand over the RIGHT shoulder, and flip the net over the shoulder to the front.

The net is now resting on your RIGHT chest still secured on the “D” ring.

Rod is still in LEFT hand.

Fish should now be tired and you are steering him around in the water in front of you.

Take RIGHT hand, squeeze French clip open.

Flip net around and grab handle. I do this in mid air. (Takes very little practice to perfect……..try it and see.)

Wet bag.

Scoup fish.

Quickly release fish ( don’t keep him out of the water for more than 30 seconds. )

I now put rod between legs and hold tightly.

Reach back with LEFT hand over LEFT shoulder, pinch “D” ring between thumb and index finger and hold up slightly.

Take RIGHT hand over RIGHT shoulder, squeeze French clip open, attach to “D” ring and drop in its normal position on your back.

Optional: if standing too deep in water to place rod between legs, place rod under one arm and clasp tightly. You can still use both hands over the shoulder as described above with a little practice, but figure out which arm works best for you to place the rod under. A third option is to use the rod holder built in all standard fishing vests, then use the totally free hands as above.

If you want to get really creative and impress your friends, throw the rod up in the air, re-attached French clip to “D” ring using both hands as described above, then catch rod on its way down.

I have never lost a net using a French clip and “D” ring in 5 decades. A bush cannot snag and pull the net off your vest when walking a tight trail. I also find that French clips weigh less than magnet and bungee cord assemblies.

Lastly, I don’t speak French.

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