Upper Creek Angler


Upper Creek Angler specializes in fly fishing for trout in Western North Carolina, especially in native trout waters and delayed harvest streams and is located in Morganton, North Carolina.  Native trout waters and delayed harvest streams start flowing after a short, twenty-five minute drive.  And some of the best fishing in the South can be found within an hour and half drive in several directions.

We have been fishing and prowling the western North Carolina game lands for over 30 years combined.  And though we make the trip to Eastern Tennessee to fish the tailraces of the Watauga and South Holston Rivers on fairly regular occasions now, our favorite places to fish are still the little creeks that run through our area, where trophy fish are twelve inches long.  The regulation delayed harvest waters in our area also provide novice and experienced anglers alike a day of fun with bigger fish in larger numbers.  As a member of Trout Unlimited, we insist on practicing catch and release even when it’s not required by regulation and keep a camera with us at all times to document catches.  Our first native trout were caught on Upper Creek and the South Toe–two streams we consider “home water.”  Our primary goal when we’re with clients is to by and by make ourselves unneeded–to make our clients fishermen who don’t need guides to catch fish like guides do!  Book a day with us today!