Spare the Rod, Or Ruin You Day of Fishing

A customer sent me this note recently:

This morning, I got my fly hung in some low trees on the backcast.
Pulling on the line only to try to free the fly or just bring it a few
inches lower for my friend to be able to get the fly, the rod was only
flexed a few inches, it snapped about the 3rd eye down! My heart sank and
the days fishing ended before it had begun! I didn’t take a spare rod!

Only a few minutes of fishing and  my favorite Winston was broken!

My answer:

Graphite is a very brittle, unforgiving material and does not respond well to sudden jerks,  sharp bends in critical areas,  or placing a heavy burden on them that does not move in water freely ( fish).   Graphite rods are designed to take deep bends from the weight of casting fly lines or properly playing fish.  Sharp bends in small areas of the rod spell trouble.   Any time you get hung in a tree,   do not put a bend in the rod to attempt to free it.    Point the rod  directly at the fly and pull with the line only.

Sorry you had to learn this lesson the hard way.

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