Hexagraph Offerings

UCA is approved to operate as a custom builder for the highly revered Hexagraph Rod Company; there are only a very few approved dealers and rod builders in the country!  We received our test blank in the mail, built it out, and quickly fell in love.  Truly, the Hexagraph mantra is correct:  it might just be the perfect rod.  Only the finest of bamboo rods that have met our hands have felt so right and so obviously had souls of their own as this fabulous rod.  We built for ourselves and our guiding work an all purpose tool–a 7’6” 4/5 weight that very, very quickly out performed in every casting test we arranged every other graphite rod lined up–among them my former two favorite sticks.

Most fly fishers will know the Hexagraph rod, even if they don’t.  It was the rod used to film the most famous of fly fishing movies:  A River Runs Through It.  The director of the film was insistent that Jason Borger use traditional bamboo rods for the casting shots, but Borger said he’d not be able to make the necessary casts with bamboo–that he’d break them.  And so he did.  But he didn’t break the nearly indestructible Hexagraph.  They have a less than 2% return rate for ANY REASON.

These rods are truly incredible–and we’d love to build you one today!

Prices for Hexagraph rods from UCA will start at $755.  Let’s get yours started today!  In addition to the usual choices you’ll have to make when considering a custom built rod (grip, reel seat, guides, threads, etc.) the Hexagraph rods are ultra customizable as far as the length and action of the rod that you want.  Basically, you will determine (or you’ll tell me!) the exact length of rod you want and how you want the rod to perform action wise, and then Hexagraph will build the blank to fit your exact wants.

You will very, very quickly find that you have a new favorite rod after one casting session if your experience is anything like ours.