Hemostats, aka Forceps

Hemostats serve many purposes. Most fly fisherpersons use them to pluck the fly from a trout before its release. I have noticed that many do not use them for another very important purpose: PICKING UP AND HOLDING SMALL OBJECTS. I never use my fingers to select a fly from my boxes or tie the fly to the leader. Think: You have spent a lot of precious time to tie the fly or work to buy the fly. Why crush and mangle its delicate feathers when selecting and tying it on to your leader? Select the fly by clamping onto the bend of the hook and lock the hemostats. Insert the tippet through the eye of the hook, then tie the clinch knot by turning the hemostats 5 and ½ to 6 turns (no more-no less) and insert the tippet back through the opening you have made at the eye, moisten with saliva, then pull tight, trim and leave a little “tag” to allow for stretching and settling of the knot.

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