Hand Tied Flies

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If it’s a fly, we tie it or we can tie it!  Our rates are as follows…

Standard Dries:  $25 per dozen

Standard Nymphs:  $25 per dozen

Standard Streamers:  $30 per dozen

Speciality flies:  We will quote based on your request.

Other prices:

Stimulator dries:  $30 per dozen

Quill body dries:  $30 per dozen

Hopper Dries:  $30 per dozen

All “stonefly” nymphs:  $30 per dozen (including the Girdle Fly)

All “worm” flies:  $15 per dozen

All egg flies:  $15 per dozen

If you wanted lead wire added to nymphs, add $3 per dozen.

By “standard” we mean the “recognized patterns.”  If we’ve heard of it, and goodness knows we’ve heard a nearly every fly known to man, it’s a standard pattern to us.

By dozen we mean “the same pattern.”  Within your dozen flies, you can request different sizes, but basically, we sell flies by the dozen.  Think about it, you don’t want less than dozen of a fly in you fly boxes any way.  Two or three of something won’t last long IF THE FISH LIKE IT!  In our boxes, we have a dozen or more of every single pattern.  So should you.

For quotes on custom tying jobs, e-mail us atuppercreekangler@gmail.com

Our flies speak for themselves, but if you want pictures of our flies beyond the ones on the side, we will be happy to provide them.  We’re trying to save on our extremely picture heavy webpage these days by limiting the number of fly pictures.  We’ll be happy to send you pictures of our exceptionally tied flies should you desire.

One thought on “Hand Tied Flies

  1. would like to purchase from you the golden olive quill and the nymph head for your quill body that was tied from your site. Also looking for some really good varnish. Cannot get through your site to order from you. Can you help me out? Frank


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