Guide Services

Upper Creek Angler specializes in chasing trout with long rods and thick heavy lines!  We offer anglers searching for their perfect day in the water or on the water everything they could want.  We grew up in the creeks that splash cold mountain water on the boulders that line our watersheds.

Our wade trips in North Carolina provide anglers with great opportunities to chase wild rainbows, browns, and brookies in pristine mountain climes–especially if you’re willing to make a hike in to get way back of beyond!  North Carolina’s great Delayed Harvest program puts thousands of trout right at our fingertips for the novice angler to learn the craft on and for the accomplished angler to acquire new skills and learn new techniques.

Want to ride in style and ultimate comfort?  Our Hyde drift boat is one of a kind, custom designed every inch!  We row the Catawba River in Morganton, NC; the Watauga River in Elizabethton, TN; and the South Holston River in Bristol, TN.

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