Custom Built Rods

We take great pride in our custom built rods.  We build on a number of blanks from a number of great vendors.  We can get our hands on just about any blank you want the rod of your dreams built on.  While we build on a wide number of graphite, boron, and composite blanks, hand-crafting bamboo rods is our true rod-making and fishing passion!

To get your custom rod building job started–

  1. E-mail us at and let us know that you’re interested in having us build you the rod of your dreams.

  2. From there we will communicate extensively through a couple of ways.  We prefer face-to-face conversations so that we can show you a wide range of our work and the possibilities for your rod.  Or, we can talk on the phone and we can send you web links to options.  Or we can communicate exclusively through e-mail.  During this phase, we will settle on the rod blank (if graphite) or the taper if bamboo that your rod will be built on, the type of guides we’ll use, the color of threads your rod will be wrapped in and the color of all trim work.  We’ll settle on the reel seat and the grip to be mounted to your rod.  A number of factors will go into these decisions–what do you intend to primarily use the rod for?  Do you like a fast action or a slow action?  Do you want the colors in your rod to stand for something?  Or do you want a traditional aesthetic?

  3. We will require payment for all components of your rod at the time of order.  Payment for labor will be due upon completion of your rod.

  4. Cost for labor on your rod will depend upon a variety of factors–length (the longer the rod, the more guides and the more time involved)–number of pieces (the more pieces, the more ferrules have to be wrapped and secured)–bamboo or graphite (our bamboo rods take 10 coats of hand-rubbed tung-oil varnish and require significant effort, as each rod has between 60 and 80 hours invested in it)–the amount custom wrapping.  We will price quote your rod after all decisions are made.  Most graphite rods fall in a range of $200-300 on labor for custom building.

John and Taylor are now splitting rod building work due to the increased influx in custom orders.

Let us build your next rod today!

We offer a wide range of bamboo fly rods.  Our standard pricing for each new rod is $1,500.  Please contact us directly regarding any new bamboo rod orders, and we’ll talk tapers and pieces and everything and anything you want to know about bamboo fly rods.

We also do a lot of restoration work on classic bamboo rods.  We specialize in restoring Paul Young rods specifically–as these tapers and rod designs are our absolute very favorites.  We are also extremely well versed in the Orvis bamboo rods and have done many a restoration job on these rods.  We’re happy to go to work on anything!  Whether you need a guide replaced, or a repair wrap applied, or a rod completely stripped down to the bare blank and begun anew, we can do the job.

One thought on “Custom Built Rods

  1. My name is Michael, I have a Bo Cash 7 and a half ‘ #5 line No.254 custom built rod. I’ve got a friend that bugs me to sell him this rod. I was wondering if you could give me a value of the rod. I know what it’s worth to me and my friend doesn’t have enough money! Thank you.


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