Caring for Your Breathable Waters

Anyone that does not care for waders after use is looking for trouble sooner rather than later.

1.  As soon as you get out of the river,  turn them inside out.  Leave them this way until you are certain all condensation has evaporated.

2.  As soon as you get home, turn them right side out and hang from a cool basement ceiling to allow air to circulate.  All of mine are hung on hangers attached to  belt loops or suspenders from the ceiling joists with the tops open and right-side up.  I leave all of mine this way until needed again.  If no basement, do the best you can.

My first pair of Hodgeman breathables have been used HARD.  They are now 9 years old and still work in spite of a couple of minor patches.  They have been permanently retired to the drift boat for emergency use.

We all call these waders “Breathable” or “No Sweat,”  but there is no wader we don’t sweat in.  Your sweat contains  water and urea.   Leaving this fresh concoction in waders and throwing them wadded up in a corner kills them.    A fungal growth will eventually occur and eat the breathable coatings.  This is why some of these waders develop not just a pinhole leak, but a leak that can be found in a large circle.

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