About Our Guide Services

“We had a blast and I am so happy that Nick not only caught a trout on his fly rod but that he caught the biggest trout.  He said he learned so much from you yesterday as I also did.  A great experience. Thanks again and we will be repeat customers, maybe even a float trip.  You were everything that I had hoped and knew that you would be.”

“Taylor Sharp is a most excellent fly fishing guide.  He made my day.”

“John and Taylor took me, a newbie, and made my day.  They’re wonderful guides and even better guys.  You’ll enjoy your day with them more than you can predict.”

“Both John and Taylor did everything they could to help me learn and catch fish.”

“I could not have had a better day…”

“All expectations met and exceeded. If I could catch fish as well as you guys can find them, I would be a happy camper.”

“I think you guys are very professional and do everything you can to make a fishing trip both exciting and fun…”

“I had a wonderful time fishing with John. He knows where to find them and what will attract them. He is a fine and patient teacher who has helped me understand some of the basics of trout fishing using a fly rod. I have fished since I was a boy but have never caught fish like I do when I am with John.”

“Went fishing on _______________ on Thursday with John Zimmerman and _______________. It was awesome! I caught about 15 nice trout. Rainbow, brown and brook. John is a fine guide and a master fisherman.”

“John,  I will never fish any other way again. I caught most of the fish today on the dropper nymph. I caught a few on the dry fly.  I never really gave it a chance before.  You pointed me in the right direction, and I really appreciate that.     Thanks again  Brian”

“Thanks again for an excellent trip.  Dad and I had a blast; I think it’s fair to say that the proverbial bug has bitten us for fly fishing.  Expect future business from us.”

John is “an excellent teacher. I felt like I learned enough of the basics to have some success this fall.  It was a nice side benefit that we also caught a bunch of fish in the process. Thanks again and hope to see you out there in future!”