About our Custom Tackle

Praise from happy customers…

“John, another thanks for the rod.

When I first talked to you about building me a rod I gave you all of the particulars that I felt would help you in deciding how to build it . I told you the length I wanted, the action, the weight, the type of single foot guides, the grip style, the wrappings, the reel seat and the colors…… I compare your work to the work of a great chef, you listened to the customer then you picked out the finest ingredients just as a chef would and you have prepared an absolute masterpiece in this rod. The rod far exceeds my expectations in feel, balance, weight, action, components and most of all WORKMANSHIP…..”

There is nothing quite like a rod custom-designed for you; something specially designed to match you. For the avid UNC fan like myself, I had John create a “UNC” rod with Carolina blue color-scheme. For the avid fly fisherman, a customized rod is a priceless entity that is appreciated much more than a normal, retail-bought rod. By being able to customize your own rod to every single specification, it is completely unique and a one of a kind rod that you will enjoy every time you fish it. John Zimmerman’s rod-making skills are exceptional, and he will meet your every want or need when customizing your rod specific to you.”

“I really enjoy the casting action of the rod! Once I found a line it liked, it seems almost effortless to deliver precise casts even in our fairly stiff Michigan winter breezes. Thanks again for this fantastic rod! I really can’t wait to fish it! “

“Thanks John – yeah they both arrived and are awesome. I fished the graphite rod for 3 hours today at Stone Mountain (just one fish), and it was in a totally different league than my Orvis setup. Casting was effortless and the wraps and reel seat look great. I don’t know if it was all the rod or that plus the SA line and 4 vs 5wt but it seemed to cast much further than my Orvis rod. Generally it seemed a lot more accurate but the biggest difference is that I felt like I was gently moving my arm rather than trying to whip the Orvis rod to make it do what I want. I was having a lot of fun with it!

I did some lawn casting of the bamboo rod the other day and that was smooth and easy casting too – I was expecting a bigger learning curve on that one. I brought it today and planned on turning around when I ran into another person and then fishing the rest of my time with the bamboo rod. Stone Mountain was empty so was able to keep moving up. By the time I made it back to the car I had to head home. I will start with the bamboo next time.

They’re excellent rods.”

“I love my new (Carolina Blue highlighted) 4 wt rod made for me by John.”

“I LOVE this rod!!!!”

“Wow this rod is the bomb. So glad I bought this. Thank you so much!!!”